About Us

Who We Are

AHi Wes-Kaap / Western Cape is the independent organization of and for self-employed entrepreneurs who run a business at their own risk and using their own resources. AHi Western Cape aims to unite, advise and inform real entrepreneurs as well as to promote their socio-economic and societal interests through a network of business chambers in the Western cape.

We aim to assist members to utilise business opportunities in a changing environment, strive to positively influence the business climate in order to promote the economic interests of members and the broader business community and underwrite a healthy ethic as well as a market driven economy in cooperation with all role players.

We Unite

As part of our service, we provide training, information sessions, networking and other activities.

We Advise

We also provide members with a 24/7 service centre and personal advice at regional offices.

We Inform

A network of websites, newsletters and magazines keeps the AHi Western Cape members up-to-date.

We Are Help You To Grow Your Business

The AHi strives to help grow our community by advising and training local businesses and entrepreneurs to utilize their full potential and providing them with the necessary tools.